Evogen - IsoJect Clear
Evogen - IsoJect Clear
Evogen - IsoJect Clear
Evogen - IsoJect Clear

Evogen - IsoJect Clear

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From “The Pro Creator,” Hany Rambod comes the clear choice for promoting recovery and stimulating protein synthesis — Evogen Nutrition IsoJect Clear. 

Building the ultimate physique never tasted so good! 


Evogen Nutrition IsoJect Clear is a premium single-source ultra-pure whey isolate featuring an all-new clear technology developed by Hany Rambod.  

This pure whey isolate raises the industry standard by utilizing an ultra-triple cold-filtered process and is not ion-exchanged. The extremely precise process helps preserve maximum bioavailability and supports your efforts to build the ultimate physique. 


Mix up a refreshingly delicious pure whey isolate shake without the common annoying foam you’d typically experience from similar powders filling up your shaker. IsoJect Clear is in a league of its own and solves this nuisance as it mixes into clear, vibrant colors to match our mouth-watering fruit flavors. 

Just as important, you won’t find any artificial colors or dyes in IsoJect Clear. We only use natural ingredients to help provide you with a splash of color to your shake.   


To experience the best results possible and aid in recovery following intense training sessions, your body requires a high-quality source of protein to support muscle recovery and prepare your body for future workouts.  

Evogen Nutrition IsoJect Clear utilizes an ultra-pure whey protein isolate that contains optimal levels of leucine and other amino acids (BCAA/EAA) for maximum mTor stimulation that may promote protein synthesis. 


IsoJect Clear provides you with everything you need and nothing that you don’t. We refuse to compromise when it comes to the overall quality of our products, and to help you get the best results possible, we made sure to keep all the junk and fillers out of our formula. 

What you’re left with is an ultra-clean, ultra-clear pure whey protein isolate that contains up to 19% fewer calories than the average whey isolate product per serving. While this may not seem like a big deal, it actually provides you with a massive advantage.  

If you’re dieting and striving to strip away layers of body fat, the lower number of calories found in Evogen Nutrition IsoJect Clear can help you more easily stay within your daily caloric intake to effectively promote weight loss while also helping provide your lean tissue with the protein it needs to recovery properly. 

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