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WAR ZONE is a plant-based muscle building formula that includes 500mg Beta Ecdysterone, 500mg L- Leucine and 40 mcg Vitamin D and helps put the body into a muscle building state.

is formulated for athletic people of all skill sets. WAR ZONE helps pack on lean muscle and strength when taken with a protein-rich diet and combined with resistance training. WAR ZONE is for men and women over the age 18.

HOW TO TAKE: Take WAR ZONE with a protein-rich meal.
WHEN TO TAKE: For maximum results, take WAR ZONE with a protein-rich meal. Otherwise, WAR ZONE can be taken any time throughout the day.

500 mg BETA-ECDYSTERONE: Derived from a tropical African plant, Cyanotis vaga, this ingredient has been studied for its ability to help increase muscle mass and performance.”
500mg L-Leucine: An essential amino acid critical for protein synthesis and muscle repair and recovery
40mcg Vitamin D: Natural hormone found in the body that helps support healthy bones and muscle function.

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