Evogen - Omega - 90 Softgels
Evogen - Omega - 90 Softgels

Evogen - Omega - 90 Softgels

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Optimizing your health comes from aligning several key factors, one of which is your nutrition. The American diet isn’t exactly the epitome of stellar health and lacks many essential nutrients that can create deficiencies, such as a diet lacking omega-3 fatty acids.  

Unfortunately, many unhealthy foods Americans consume, rather than improving health and performance, cause inflammation that can be detrimental to both. Omega-3s are a powerful solution to this problem. 

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Support Overall Health

In addition to a poor diet causing harmful inflammation, exercise also causes an inflammatory response. One way of helping reduce inflammation in the body is to consume omega-3 fatty acids from sources such as oily fish or a fish oil supplement.  

But fish oil isn’t some one-trick pony that only deals with inflammation, it has many other benefits, such as supporting brain and heart health and optimizing hormones.   

You Need EPA and DHA

When it comes to athletes, their bodies need adequate amounts of healthy fatty acids to preserve and protect their health and optimize their athletic performance and functioning. 

However, not all fish oil supplements are created equal, and athletes need a fish oil complex that is rich in both EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) to achieve the greatest benefits. 

Unlock the Power of Optimal Health with Omega

Whether you’re an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or someone looking to improve their health, Evogen Nutrition Omega has you covered. 

Not only is Evogen Nutrition Omega a premium omega-3 supplement, but it possesses both EPA and DHA in adequate dosages to help promote overall health and performance.  

When looking to help improve heart health, boost brain health and cognition, reduce inflammation throughout the body, aid in muscle recovery, support hormone optimization, and improve cellular integrity and function, Omega checks all the boxes. In fact, some research has found that supplementing with omega-3 fatty acids can contribute to gains in lean muscle mass.  

So why settle for less? Elevate your health and performance today with Evogen Nutrition Omega. 



As a dietary supplement, take 1 serving (3 capsules) once daily with 16 ounces of water or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner. 


NOT FOR USE BY INDIVIDUALS UNDER THE AGE OF 18 OR WOMEN THAT MAY BE PREGNANT OR NURSING. Always consult your physician before using this product especially if you have a prior medical condition and/or are taking any prescription medication. Discontinue use two weeks prior to surgery or if upset stomach occurs.


Store in a cool, dry place.

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