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SLYN is not your everyday GDA. It's for those looking to maximize their lives and use every gram of carbs. No carbs left behind.


When looking to create a lean and muscular physique, the last thing you want is to cause your body to store carbohydrates as body fat. A glucose disposal agent (GDA) is the perfect addition to any training and nutrition program to prevent this from happening. The purpose of a GDA is to help shuttle nutrients (such as glucose) into the muscle to not only help provide the body with a source of energy but also help with the rebuilding process of torn-down muscle fibers from training. Because you're better able to manage how your body utilizes glucose, you achieve the added benefit of enhancing your weight loss efforts.

SLYN is designed to be taken before high-carb meals to help you more efficiently and effectively utilize nutrients without causing a spike in insulin. Rather than having blood sugar levels that resemble a rollercoaster ride, SLYN helps provide you with a more normalized and stable blood sugar level. In addition, because SLYN shuttles the nutrients into the muscles, you can experience a pump and natural muscle volumization without even picking up a weight.

Skip the "carb coma" and start putting your carbohydrates to work!

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