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Glaxon - ALPHA 365 - 120 Capsules
Glaxon - ALPHA 365 - 120 Capsules
Glaxon - ALPHA 365 - 120 Capsules

Glaxon - ALPHA 365 - 120 Capsules

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Alpha365 is an all-in-one testosterone enhancement formula by providing ingredients that boost libido, testosterone production, and minimizes estrogenic activity while providing trace nutrients that combat deficiencies that can result in low testosterone. We also make efforts to boost absorption of all of these compounds and deliver a novel ingredient Ursolic Acid LEO-HB that has a plethora of beneficial metabolic effects. Alpha365 was specifically designed that primal alpha mindset 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year.

Do you have a sluggish metabolism that’s starting to mirror your sluggish libido? Your dwindling testosterone levels are likely the cause, but with Alpha365 we’ve got you covered year-round.  If you want to maximize your testosterone levels naturally, while negating the potential negative side effects - we’ve created a formula suitable specifically for this cause. Alpha365 is there to support not just optimal hormone levels, but also to improve libido and general wellness.

Alpha365 works first by addressing potential deficiency that could compromise testosterone levels and does this through providing supplemental amounts of Vitamin D3 and the mineral Zinc. Secondly, we use a combination of extracts that contain various amounts of “steroidal saponins” which do share some structural similarity to endogenous hormones, but in some cases can bind various receptors and enzymes involved in various processes of steroidogenesis. We then take a very comprehensive approach to address concerns of estrogen - both at the aromatase enzyme and at the estrogen receptor. Finally, to top it all off - Alpha365 uses a combination of antioxidants and natural fertility-enhancers to keep your endocrine system in prime condition all year long.

Take 4 capsules daily. Doesn’t really matter how, the important thing is to be consistent.  Maybe you’re a 4 in the morning kind of person. Maybe you want 2 caps in the morning and another 2 capsules pre-workout.  Maybe you just want to take 2 capsules before meals (2x day). Just make sure to take these on an empty stomach and allow for the 60-minute gastric transit time prior to activation. REMEMBER: Just keep your dosing protocol consistent!

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