Wicked Cutz

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Always looking for that one food to crush your spice tolerance? Why not make it yourself?  Now you can add an All American Kick to all your favorite foods. Sprinkle on to take normal foods to the next level or dust your favorite spicy foods to kick the challenge up a notch.5oz Bottles

Are you the person that orders seven cups of extra ranch at every restaurant? Well now you can walk into every dining situation prepped and ready to dust your favorite meals with a coating of an American classic with a wicked twist. 6.5oz Bottles

Sweet or Savory? Why should you have to choose when you can have the mouthwatering flavors of both combined into one unforgettable seasoning that’ll turn the every day griller into a grill master.5oz Bottles

A Wicked explosion of flavor beyond your imagination. Sprinkle those boring old veggies with a magic dust that will take any sides or even your favorite meats to a level of flavor you’ve only dreamed of.6.5oz Bottles

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