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  • Calcium Hydroxyapatite- Most Absorbable Form of Calcium
  • Quick-Release Explotab® Delivery System
  • Incorporates the Powerful Isoflavone Ipriflavone
  • OsteoBlast-4™- Hi-Tech's Proprietary Bone and Joint Matrix

Maintaining strong, dense, and healthy bones helps ensure a strong foundation for successful aging. Unfortunately, even the most health-conscious individuals often fail to understand the physical and nutritional demands that must be met to maintain bone density throughout life. As we age, there is a significant reduction in bone mineral density and a disruption in bone architecture. This condition is especially common in women.

Optimal bone health requires not only preservation of bone mineral density, but also of bone strength, which results from the dynamic structure of bone involving a matrix of collagen fibers reinforced with calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals. Calcium is the most commonly taken mineral supplement and is available in many different forms. Most calcium supplements contain inferior forms of calcium (typically dicalcium phosphate or calcium carbonate), which are inexpensive, poorly absorbed forms of calcium. Only one type, calcium hydroxyapatite, is actually the form of calcium that naturally occurs in bone.

Osteo-RX bone supporter

Suggested Use:

Take 1-4 tablets twice daily with food.