Glaxon - C-TOX - 7 Day System
Glaxon - C-TOX - 7 Day System
Glaxon - C-TOX - 7 Day System

Glaxon - C-TOX - 7 Day System

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C-Tox is a supplement designed to taper your daily caffeine intake over the course of 7-days.  By starting at 300mgs on the first day, C-Tox then dials back your daily caffeine intake by 50mgs per day until the last day where no caffeine is consumed.  This formula is also supported by a B-Vitamin Complex, Amino Acids that support mood, and specific modulators of the Adenosine receptor.

If you’ve ever become concerned about your daily caffeine intake, or simply just want caffeine to work like it should, then you might want to consider taking a vacation - from caffeine that is.  C-Tox seeks to help those who want to take action and at least taper their caffeine intake gradually, opposed to complete abstinence and the side effects that can accompany it.  If you’re wanting to hit the “reset button” on your stimulant tolerance, C-Tox is for you.

By tapering the dose of caffeine intake over the course of a week, and providing supporting nutrients and compounds that interfere with caffeine’s metabolic pathways, C-Tox works by downregulating adenosine receptor densities, while aiming to mitigate fatigue and other potential side effects of caffeine withdrawal.

C-Tox is a planned caffeine tapering regimen that has a 7-day duration reducing caffeine intake by 50 mgs per day.  We suggest starting by first having a 24-hour complete wash-out of caffeine from your system. Then start taking 6 capsules on day 1, 5 capsules on day 2, 4 capsules on day 3, 3 capsules on day 4, 2 capsules on day 5, and one capsule on day 6 with 0 capsules being consumed on day 7. 

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