31 Days of Gains is BACK!

After a two-year hiatus, our popular December sale is back better than before! Last two years, every industry has been battling supply chain issues as well as crazy inflation. As an example, we saw creatine monohydrate pricing skyrocket week over week last year. Now that Covid-19 is almost thing of the past, we can get back to our regular programming. As we wrap up all over orders from our biggest sale of the year (Black Friday Cyber Monday), we kick off December with our 31 DAYS OF GAINS! 

31 Days of Gains is our way of clearing out our overstock inventory for the end of year. These items are typically super hot and popular products that we may have over forecasted. We know everyone spent all their hard earned dollars during BFCM, but there are some great deals if you spot them and remember to come in for them. Sorry, no early birds, first come, first serve.

What's Different in 2022?
For starters, it used to be called 30 Days of Gains because our retail stores were closed on Christmas day. This year we will be closed on Christmas day as well, but the sale will be active on our site. 

Lastly, this year we will extend the sale to our online shoppers. Each deal will go live at 12:01am until 11:59pm or when inventory sells out.

December 1 - Metabolic Nutrition - Vitamin C 90 Capsules or 100g Powder

December 2 - Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals - Laxogenin 100

December 3 - RYSE - Loaded Pre-Workout Smarties flavor

December 4 - American Metabolix - Muscle Test

December 5 - Metabolic Nutrition - Synedrex

December 6 - American Metabolix - Lean Muscle

December 7 - Repp Sports - Raze Pre-Workout

...more dates coming shortly.. 

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